Meal Tickets

  • One Ticket may be issued to each person purchasing a main course but not when meal tickets are used to pay for meals and not if a meal is a part of a special offer or meal deal
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged with other offers or set menus
  • Tickets canot be exchanged on bank holidays
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged on the day of issue
  • Tickets have no cash value
  • Tickets must be produced before your bill is created – please inform our waiting staff that you intend to exchange tickets when you request your bill
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged after their expiry date
  • The Wheatsheaf reserves the right to refuse to accept tickets if it is suspected that a copy has been made or if a ticket is defaced in any way

Special offers and happuy hours

  • Many of our special offers and happy hour times are programmed into our till system and require no staff intervention to reduce prices etc.
  • If special offers and happy hour times are programmed into our till system the start and ending times of those offers and happy hours cannot be changed by our bar and waiting teams as the process is automated
  • The cut-off times of special offers and happy hours apply to order times, not payment times. So order before the cut-off time, relax and enjoy!

Subscribing and unsubscribing from our mailing list and privacy

  • By subscribing to our mailing list you give us permission to email to you general information, promotions, special offers, details of events, etc.
  • We will not pass your email address on to anyone and it will only be used by us while you are subscribed to the list
  • You may unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time using the link in our emails. This will delete your details permanently from our list