There is nothing quite like watching Rugby at your favourite local! TV screen, fantastic selection of real ale, lagers, bottled beers, wines and spirits and a carefully selected menu of international cuisine!!

Rules to be enforced during the Tournament:

  • Rugby is the only acceptable topic of conversation!
  • The wearing of rugby shirts, flags, hats and face paint will be encouraged!
  • Distractions during the game will not be tolerated!
  • No-one touches the remote control!



3/4 February

Wales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm

France v Ireland, Saturday 4.45pm

Italy v England, Sunday 3.00pm


10/11 February

Ireland v Italy, Saturday 2.15pm

England v Wales, Saturday 4.45pm

Scotland v France, Sunday 3.00pm


23/24 February

France v Italy, Friday 8.00pm

Ireland v Wales, Saturday 2.15pm

Scotland v England, Saturday 4.45pm


10/11 March

Ireland v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm

France v England, Saturday 4.45pm

Wales v Italy, Sunday 3.00pm


17 March

Italy v Scotland, Saturday 12.30pm

England v Ireland, Saturday 2.45pm

Wales v France, Saturday 5.00pm