As teenagers in 1977 we were stunned by the sudden death of Marc Bolan and the end of T-Rex. Schools fell into quietness and sadness. But the music lives on!

Marc died on 16 September 1977, two weeks before his 30th birthday. He was a passenger in a Mini which went out of control, struck a steel fence and came to rest against a sycamore tree.

Neither Marc, or the driver Gloria Jones, was wearing a seat belt. Marc was killed instantly while Gloria suffered a broken arm and broken jaw and spent time in hospital; she did not learn of Marcs’ death until the day of his funeral.

Fearing a premature death, Marc never learned to drive, but despite this fear, cars or automotive components are at least mentioned in or are the subject of, many of his songs.

He also owned a number of cars, including a white 1960s Rolls Royce that was loaned by his management to the band Hawkwind on the night of his death.

Thankfully, Marc’s music lives and here at The Sheaf, on 16th September, we will celebrate his songs and his success, along with lots of other Glam Rock.

Question: Is it fancy dress?

Answer: It would be wrong not to!

So, get your flares and platforms on and find the most sparkly shirt you can and come along for a fantastic night of glam rock.

Don’t forget the make-up boys, it is allowed on Glam Rock night!